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Dear colleague/friend/contact,

As you may have heard, independent journalist Jose Belo has been charged with criminal defamation for an article he published in East Timor . In support of him, a group of journalists, academics and others have prepared this letter to the President of East Timor, Jose Ramos- Horta. If you are prepared to sign this letter, please email wendybacon1@gmail.com as soon as possible. The letter will be sent to Ramos-Horta and publicised through the media. If you want to know more about this issue, please follow the links below. If you support the letter, please forward it to other contacts as we want as many names as you can. We need titles with names



Caro amigo, colega, contacto,

Como já deve ter ouvido, o jornalista independente José Belo, foi acusado de crime de difamação, ele publicou um artigo em Timor-Leste.

Em seu apoio, um grupo de jornalistas, académicos e outros já preparou esta carta ao Presidente de Timor Leste, José Ramos-Horta.

Se você estiver disposto a assinar essa carta, envie um e-mail wendybacon1@gmail.com o mais rapidamente possível.

A carta será enviada a Ramos-Horta e divulgados através dos meios de comunicação. Se quiser saber mais sobre este problema, siga os links abaixo.

Se você quiser apoiar José Belo, por favor, envie-a a outros contactos. Queremos tantos nomes quanto possível.

Precisamos de títulos com os nomes



President of East Timor ,
Mr. Ramos-Horta

Dear Mr Ramos-Horta,
We are deeply concerned to learn that journalist Jose Belo is being charged with criminal defamation following the publication of an article in his newspaper Tempo Semanal alleging improper conduct by Justice Minister Lucia Lobato.

While making no comment on the merits of his allegations, we are disturbed by the application of criminal defamation laws against one of East Timor 's bravest and most respected journalists.

Belo's role in documenting the atrocities of the Indonesian occupation and disseminating that information to the international media is well known. Since self government, Jose has emerged as one of the most productive, disciplined and independent journalists that East Timor has produced. He has become a key figure in the attempt to build a democratic media in your country. To be imprisoned by your government would be a great injustice to Jose and more importantly, a terrible precedent for all media in East Timor . Such laws criminalise and suppress good journalism, they help cloak corrupt and questionable behaviour of public officials and they diminish the reputation and international standing of the nations that apply them.

We note that the laws under which Jose Belo has been charged are left over from the old Indonesian regime, and understand that new laws more suited to a democratic society have been drafted but have not been placed before your parliament.
We pledge our support to Jose Belo and all East Timorese journalists who may face imprisonment for the practice of their profession. We urge you to take all actions within your power to bring about the dropping of this charge and the removal of Criminal Defamation laws in East Timor .

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